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Yet more redundancies… June 19, 2009

Posted by Matt Domm in journalism.
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Exciting news today from The Guardian. Exciting for a neutral, non-journalist wannabe, that is. Ten percent of the GNM staff is being laid off. Voluntary redundancies they say but, to me, losing your job is losing your job. Something which – in terms of journalism at least – I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing.

This weekend – as I returned to my quaint home town from the quaint town I was in for three years at university- one of my friends said, bluntly: “so I see journos are being made redundant all over the place then?” Yes, yes, it’s harder than ever to get in to the industry; I mean, who would want to employ me when I’m up against journalists with CVs longer than my life? His next question I had to laugh at: “Have you got a job yet then?”…

If I had the choice, I would already be working on magazines – preferably as a feature writer, as that is what I enjoy and am best at – but right now I’d be lucky to find anything remotely in the realm of writing, or reading, even. Entry-level positions are rare – though I have applied for one on my local paper, meaning I would have to stay in my quaint home town for longer than I’d wish – and my overdraft limit is edging closer; so it still looks as though unpaid placements, with weekend work to pay for them, is the most likely option until people want journalists again.

This week I have applied for a couple of (loosely related) jobs, a few placements and am now researching feature ideas to attempt a pitch or two… Freelancing is looking more and more appealing, I just unfortunately haven’t got a strong specialty. But I guess at least I have ( a couple of) options and I most certainly won’t give up hope.

In fact, in future, I am just going to ignore reading tweets that mention anything about job cuts and instead reads blogs and articles about how to actually make it as a journalist. Like this forum post. Or else I’ll end up in PR… shudder.


Working for free – the result of my degree June 5, 2009

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It’s about time I wrote something relating to my field of expertise – journalism. I use that term as I assume a journalism degree at the very least allows me to call myself an expert – I can’t call myself a ‘journalist’ yet, let’s face it.

Four years ago, a letter to the editors of my local rags enquiring about a trainee scheme was, I hoped, my first step on what is an extremely long ladder. A very small step it proved to be as my applications were all routinely denied, except one. No, it didn’t offer me a place, merely advice on how to get into the industry.

I needed formal qualifications – an NCTJ accredited course or equivalent – to even become a junior. To cut a long story short here I am, four years later, clutching waiting for my degree – and I am most definitely not even a junior.

Instead, I have become qualified to whore myself out – for free – to anyone willing to accept my blood, sweat and (lots of) tears in exchange for a byline and a sentence on a piece of paper entitled ‘cv’. Be it writing for websites or interning at magazines, it is a tricky road to even get to the stage of charging for my effort, let alone making a living out of it.

With three placements recently completed and another lined up later in the year, and contributing to a couple of sport websites I am very slowly moving up the ladder to rung… two, probably. I imagine rung three is the holy grail of being paid in money rather than gratitude so, by my maths, I will be 25 by the time I can actually claim to be a proper journalist.

What an industry and what a price to pay for ambition… but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I wonder if McDonalds is recruiting?